Nullarbor Couch Seasonal Lawn Care

Nullarbor Couch Seasonal Lawn Care Guide

Our lawn care guides  will help you get the most from your Nullarbor Couch Lawn all year round. You can achieve great results by following our simple seasonal lawn care tips.

Simply click on the season icons:

spring SPRING:

The weather is getting warmer, and your lawn starts growing again.  Spring is a very important time for lawn lovers.  Follow our hand hints and tips and your lawn will be in tip top shape and prepared for the long hot summer.




The days are long and hot, and your lawn is at its peak growth.  Even over a long dry summer, simply follow our guide and your lawn will be better prepared to beat the heat.




The weather is starting to get cooler, and the growth your lawn starts to slow down.  Autumn is a very important time of year for your lawn, as by building up its strength now will give a much better winter performance.  See our hints and tips to get your lawn winter ready.




Your lawn wont need a lot of maintenance over the cooler months, but while the growth is slow you may need these handy tips on beating any pesky winter weeds.