Environmental Benefits of Turf

Lawn turf is a major source of beauty and comfort in our lives, and it has numerous environmental benefits.  It absorbs carbon dioxide, produces oxygen and acts as a filter for our waterways, and cools the area around our homes.  It really is the perfect green choice.


Turf has a positive role to play in combating the build up of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, caused by the burning of fossil fuels and a range of other human activities.  In this way, your lawn can help in the fight against global warming.  It sequesters carbon from the atmosphere and stores it in the soil.  It has a greater flexibility to do this than trees, which means it can also produce oxygen more efficiently.  Studies have shown that grasses keep sequestering carbon even at high levels of carbon dioxide, unlike trees that shut down when overloaded.


Having a lush lawn surrounding your home greatly reduces heat.  The temperature of a lawn in midsummer is 10 degrees less than bare soil, 20 degrees less than asphalt concrete or pebble mulch, and 40 degrees less than dry synthetic turf.  In fact, an average front lawn has the cooling effect of 8.75 tonnes of air conditioning, without the accompanying negative effects on the environment.  An average home air conditioner only has a 3-4 tonne capacity, and increases carbon dioxide omissions.  Something else you may not know, is that there are a huge number of good bacteria and fungi in every lawn, that can break down any organic pollutant.

Grass provides a greater cooling effect than trees, and can achieve the same as an open water pool or lake, but is 40% less wasteful in water evaporation.  Another great thing about having a healthy lawn around your home, if you live in a bushfire prone region, it helps to reduce the risk of bushfire damage.


Turf is a natural breeding ground for certain animals and insects that play a vital role in maintaining a balanced ecosystem, and also it helps create a safer environment by restricting around the sort of vegetation around your home where you might find snakes and rodents that can pack a nasty bite. Feel free to contact us at any point to discuss your lawn requirements, our lawn care range and our capabilities.

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